Artist’s Booklet


What to Expect

  • Before arriving, write a short introductory biography of no more than 50 to 75 words.
  • You should read the Artist’s Overview, Artist’s Release, and the Artist’s Booklet before we meet.
  • Our session will start at 9:30 a.m. and end at about 3:00 p.m.
  • During the first hour we will get to know one another, drink tea, answer questions, and sign the model release.



  • We will photograph some images in your studio or in the place where you create or present your work.
  • We will also make images in the city, nature, and my studio.  This may require some walking and short travel by car.
  • There is no set number of photos that may be created.
  • I will give direction in posing, and you may also suggest poses and settings in which you would like to be photographed.
  • Photos will not be created in the fine art nude genre, unless you request it.
  • The photographs will avoid “smiley snapshot” types of images.
  • I would like to create artful, genuine, expressive images so that different aspects of your personal self are captured.
  • I will select images for publication, and I’ll send you copies in JPG format.  More information may be found in the Artist’s Release.
  • If you utilize any of the photos you must…
  1. attribute my name (Gianni Vidotto)
  2. create a link to my website,
  3. not alter or change the photos in any way.



  • Be prepared to bring a couple of changes of clothing.
  • I would like to photograph you both in the clothing you wear to create your art, and in other casual attire.
  • You may wear makeup.
  • I encourage you to bring props that reflect your art such as a guitar, paint brushes, sculptor’s mallet, pen, tutu, etc.



  • The interview will focus on questions that help to reveal your inner self and the vision that informs your work.
  • Examples of questions have been given in the overview of the project found here.
  • The interview will be an opportunity to be open, responsive, and forthright about yourself and your art.
  • Each artist will be asked the same questions, with follow-up questions to clarify or expand upon answers.
  • A unique question may spontaneously arise from time to time.
  • Some nervousness is normal.  And if you feel uncomfortable, simply “pass” on sharing an answer.
  • Answers will be tape-recorded so I can transcribe and edit them.
  • Your words will be transcribed as you stated them.
  • Editorial freedom will be exercised in the interests of brevity, but interpretations or judgments will not be made.


Directions to my Studio

  • My studio may be found at #1 – 450 Yates Road (just off of Glenmore Blvd.)
  • Drive North on Spall; it will blend into Glenmore Boulevard; turn left on Yates Road; follow Yates to Orchard View Estates.
  • Through the car gate turn left; my house is first on the left;
  • Park on the right side of the garage driveway; text me when you arrive as I may be in the photography area and not hear your knock.


  • If arriving from Vernon, turn right on the road which runs between the Super 8 Motel and the Gas Depot in Winfield.
  • Stay on Glenmore Road until you arrive at Ballou Road where you will turn right, and finally left onto Yates Road.



  • You must not consume alcohol or any drug (except for a prescription) prior to or during the photo and interview sessions.
  • Consumption of medical cannabis outdoors is permitted during breaks, provided it is medically necessary.
  • You may smoke tobacco outside.



  • Please call to either reschedule or cancel.  My door will always be open to you if you want to return.  My cell number is 778.363.2232.


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