Artist’s Release



This photo and interview session is…

BETWEEN: Gianni Vidotto (hereinafter called the Photographer)

AND: _______________________________________(hereinafter called the Model)



The Model is participating in this photo session & interview (dated below) on a “Time in Exchange for Photos” (TFP) basis.  This means that in return for the time the model spends modelling, the Photographer will give the model photographs from the gallery that is created during the photo shoot and interview.  No remuneration, other than TFP, is expected by the Model.

The Photographer will select images from the gallery, which the Photographer will edit and send to the Model.  All photos will receive individual attention in the form of retouching, and may receive some enhancement, selective area adjustment, textures, etc.  Retouching means correcting various elements in an image such as distractions and minor physical flaws like stray hairs, scars, and blemishes.  The Photographer is granted total artistic control over the final image.


If the Model posts, publishes or displays the photos in any medium, s/he agrees to attribute the Photographer’s name (Gianni Vidotto); to create a link to his website ( ); and to not alter the photos in any way.

The Model may use the photographs for personal and for promotional purposes such as inclusion in a portfolio, leaflet, bill, event, advertisement, or pamphlet.  The Model may not sell, trade, or loan (for commercial purposes) the photos to anyone or any agency, corporation, business, non-profit group, etc., without prior authorization from the Photographer.

The Model understands and agrees that the rights to the photographs and the interview, including copyright and all other rights in the photographs or copies or reproductions are the sole property of the Photographer. The Photographer may use the photos for publication in photographic journals, social media, gallery showings, photographic competitions, books and magazine publication, and other publication vehicles that the photographer may choose, including sale of prints.

The Model further understands that if s/he wishes to have prints made of any photos the Model must have these done by the Photographer on a fee for service basis.  Neither the Model nor any other person, agency, or company may print the photographs created by the Photographer, unless authorized by the Photographer.


The Model and/or guardians hereby grant to the Photographer, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the Model or of photographs in which the Model may be included for the promotion of the Photographer’s services, including editorial, trade, advertising and any other purpose, and in any manner and medium.

For example, this may include publication in photographic journals, social media, gallery showings, photographic competitions, books and magazine publication, and other publication vehicles that the photographer may choose, including sale of prints.

This Agreement applies to any and all photographs of the Model and the Model’s property made by the Photographer on the session dates covered by this agreement (noted below) and to all reproductions of such photographs.

The Model releases the Photographer, and all other persons entitled under this Agreement to use the photographs, from all liability for libel, invasion of privacy, and all causes of action whatsoever in relation to the photographs, their making and use, the Model or the Model’s property, including without limitation any liability for alteration of the photographs, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur during the making or subsequent use of the Photographs.

All sections of this release and agreement apply equally to all aspects of the interview that will be conducted during this project known as Portrait of the Artist.


The Model and/or guardians acknowledge reading, understanding and agreeing with the entire Model Release prior to signing.

The Photographer and the Model or the Model’s parent or guardian have executed this

Agreement, dated: _____________________________

Photography session dates: ______________________

The Photographer (print name here):___________________________

The Photographer’s Signature _______________________________________

The Model (print name here):_____________________________________________________

The Model’s Signature ________________________________________ (or parent or guardian)

Signed at (city name & Prov.) ___________________________________________________

On the ______________ day of __________________________ 20_________


If the Model has not reached the Age of Majority, the parent or guardian hereby gives their irrevocable permission to the Photographer to use the photographs/interview as outlined above. Parent or Guardian must sign above and PRINT Model’s Name below.

Model’s Name ________________________________________________________________

Witness Signature _____________________________________________________________

Date __________________________________________

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