Artist’s Overview



Portrait of the Artist will reveal personal dimensions of the artist that inform his[1] unique vision. To better understand that vision it is important to discover the person who created it.  To know the artist is to know the work.



300 artists from all disciplines (painters, dancers, singers, actors, etc.) will be invited to participate in a photographic and personal interview experience.  Individual artists may request to participate.

Creative portraiture will be used with the intent of revealing the essence of the artist.

Short interviews inquiring about the person and his art will be conducted.  They will show how the artist’s beliefs, experiences, and character may have shaped his artistic vision.



Photographs will be created primarily with vintage film cameras, in a black and white format; digital cameras may be used if needed.  Photography may take place at Gioklik Studios, the participant’s studio, in urban settings, as well as in nature.



Interview questions may sound like these:

  • What life experiences inform your work?
  • What is your greatest fear?
  • What really matters to you?



Photography and interviews will be edited and may be published in various media such as websites, social media, magazines, journals, public and private exhibitions, books, etc.

A link to the artist’s website, studio, book, publication, venue, or other medium that displays his art, will be attached to a short biography written by the artist.

Local and provincial agencies will be solicited for grants in the production and publication of a book on the project.  Book sales will go entirely to sustaining local arts.



To qualify you must be an artist who…

  • has been formally acknowledged in at least one public appearance, exhibition, presentation, journal, book, etc.
  • has been recognized by artists working in the same artistic tradition
  • is actively practicing an art form
  • is seeking remuneration of some kind for his work



Artists will be photographed and interviewed by Giovanni Vidotto.  He is a seasoned photographer, and an experienced interviewer.

He has photographed hundreds of participants in two projects:  The Human Form Project at, and Creative Portraiture at

As well as the many interviews conducted by him as a counsellor, he has also completed YouTube interviews with people and groups like Kelowna Mayor Sharon Shepherd, activists of Occupy Kelowna, and representatives from various social perspectives.

For more information about participation you may call or text him at 778.363.2232, or email him at


[1] The masculine pronoun is used because the writer is male, and because it makes writing easier; however, females are also intended.

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